CDT D9110

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D9110 Procedure Code Description

Palliative (emergency) treatment of dental pain - minor procedure

D9110 is the dental procedure code used for Palliative care which is a treatment done to relieve pain or ease a problem without dealing with the underlying cause. This is reported for an emergency treatment of dental pain. This treatment does not involve an exam, evaluation or diagnostic x-rays.


Adjunctive refers to any treatment or service that is provided in conjunction with another to increase the first treatment’s efficacy. In other words, adjunctive is a secondary treatment in addition to the primary therapy.

The Adjunctive General Services category is often searched when an appropriate code can’t be found in any of the 11 other CDT Code sections. This section differs from all the others in that there are codes for non-clinical and other services that don’t quite fit elsewhere. Many of the codes are for care that happens outside of the mouth or the practice setting. These procedure codes recognize nature of the support needed to complete other procedures.

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